what we do ?

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From problem-analysis, modeling data and processes right to implementation and documentation, we can cover as little as you want, or as much as you need - you tell us were to stop.


Variety of programming languages that we use allows us to select the ones appropriate for the problem to solve. Between C#, PL/SQL, JavaScript, Powerscript and others, we can choose the best tool.


Corporate and institutional windows applications, front-end and back-end web pages design, microsites, landing pages, intranets, UX/UI, special utilities...

IT 'plug-in'

Sometimes, fellow IT professionals need help because of lack of time, specific project conditions, special knowledge needed, or the need to look differently at the problem they are facing. In these cases, we, as outsiders, gladly help them.


The complexity of business processes or IT solutions sometimes poses serious challenges for users. Good documentation, written clearly and understandably, with many examples, can make it much easier to overcome such problems.

User training

The world of rapid change does not allow us even a moment of relaxation. Quality and concrete examples of extensive user training are welcomed in the rapid achievement of operational efficiency in the use of IT solutions.

How we do it?


  •  HTML & PHP & MySql & javascript & CSS
  •  C# & Powerbuilder & PostgreSQL
  •  Clipper & dbaseIII+
  •  Foxpro
  •  Turbo Pascal
  •  Powerbuilder & PostgreSQL
  •  Powerbuilder & Sybase
  •  Powerbuilder & Oracle
  •  Visual basic & Oracle
  •  Oracle PL SQL
  •  ASP.NET & MS Sql & javascript
  •  Clarion & Oracle
  •  PostgreSQL PL/SQL
  •  Informix
  •  Bentley Microstation & Objectstore